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Terms of Service

Policy and Agreements

A.  Base deposit   

  1. Your cake will have bases, there is a deposit for the cake bases that is 100% refundable if all articles are returned.

  2. Articles and or cake stands  are due the following Monday after your event date by 1pm. Purchasers lose 50% of the bases deposit if late.  If more Time is needed please give us a call and let us know. We are most concerned if we need to reuse them for an event the following weekend. 

  3. Missing or defective Articles will be charged and or deducted from deposit

  4. All articles are to be returned at Tony's Cakes 1833 Springs Rd Vallejo Ca 94591

  5. Cash will be reimbursed upon return if the pastry chef is present to inspect all articles otherwise mailed checks will be issued within one week.

  6. Articles are, all plastic and wood items that includes the cake pillar supports.  Not the cake topper nor flowers unless otherwise noted. 

B.  Payment

  1. Balance must be paid in full one week before your event date.  Your cake delivery will not be made until payment is received.  

  2. Checks are only accepted one week before the event.  Fees from bounced checks will be charged to the client.

C.  Cancellation

  1. To cancel any order, 25% of total balance is non refundable. Any remaining funds will be refunded as store credit.

  2. Tony’s cakes reserves the right to cancel an order one week in advance from the date of the event with a full refund.    

  3. In wake of Covid19 effects we have created a priority list for rescheduling you a new event date.  As a small business owner my prime concern is to take care of my clients and employees. With this in mind should you opt not to be on the priority list by canceling all future plans of booked event.  I will be issuing store credit for the first 25% of total balance and anything after that will be refunded in full. I have exhausted all other options and this is the best I can do to accommodate the current situation. 

  4. Covid19 Cancellation update only applies to orders that were booked before 03/01/2020.

D.   Delivery

  1. Deliveries are guaranteed on time should there be an unforetold traffic delay we are not liable. 

  2. If you don’t request a delivery we do not guarantee we have the time to fix your cake should you damage it while transporting it.

  3. We are not responsible for any natural causes that affect your cake, nor are we responsible for natural causes such are rain, snow, temperature and venue conditions.  

E.    Venues

  1. Please be sure that your venue will be ready before the cake arrives.  The cake table should be set up and fully decorated. We are not responsible for table set ups or cake table decorations. If there is no cake table ready we will make a good faith attempt to reach buyers phone numbers, if that fails we reserve the right to leave the cake on any table and or the venues refrigerator.

  2. During the summer and spring season please be sure to ask your venue supervisor to keep the hall at a cool temperature. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to assure the right conditions are met for the life of the cakes display.

F.    Errors

  1. Human errors are inevitable although errors rarely occur if you believe there has been a mistake on your cake for any detail it is your responsibility to notify right then and there.  We will fix any errors on the spot. After the cake has been consumed, the purchaser is not entitled for store credit nor cash refund.

  2. Color shades vary, Tony’s Cakes Guarantees consistent shades and tones for your cake independent form a specific color shade requested.  We do our best to mimic any color shade request due to hard to find tones of ribbons and accessories, alteration is applicable in order to produce a beautiful cake.


G.   Warnings

  1. The client is responsible for making sure all non-edible cake décor, including sugar flowers, are removed from the cake before it is cut and served. Sugar flowers are made from edible materials, but are not intended for consumption as wires are added for strength and flexibility to achieve a more natural look. DO NOT EAT DÉCO

  2. Tony’s Cakes products may contain or come in contact with milk, wheat, nuts, cocoa or other allergens. While every precaution will be taken in the cases of known allergies, it remains the responsibility of the client to inform clients and guests. Tony’s Cakes is not responsible for any allergic reaction.



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